Since acquiring the ranch, the Hale Family has tried to retain the beautiful aura of Gem Valley while creating facilities that keep family and friends cozy. Existing buildings were updated and renovated, while new living accommodations were built to maximize comfort. Increased attention to environmental conditions has drastically increased wildlife, aiding in the wonderful western ambiance.

Several villas and a lodge were constructed to provide more comfort to friends and family. The villas offer wonderful sleeping accommodations. Each villa has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, along with a small kitchenette and sitting area. The lodge was built to provide a lovely atmosphere for large family and friends groups to gather together. You’ll also notice that many of Nathan Hale’s prized hunts are immortalized throughout the Lodge.
As described on the home page, the ranch is primarily used for recreational use. Most of the farming that is done at Whiskey Creek Ranch is strategically done to promote wildlife growth. Trout, ducks, pheasants, and even deer have increased their presence throughout the ranch due to these conservation efforts. As you take a tour of the property you will see how much wildlife there is in this region.

Whiskey Creek Ranch controls two pieces of land in Gray’s Lake: the Beaver Tail property and the Cattle property. Each of these pieces of land is unique and serves a significant purpose for the ranch.

The Beaver Tail property is roughly 1000 acres of big timber recreational property only a few miles from the Oregon Trail. The elevation of the land ranges from 6000 feet all the way up to 8500 feet. This land is primarily used for hunting both elk and mule deer, hiking, horseback riding, and in the winter time snowshoeing and snowmobiling. During the summer months the property is also used for some cattle grazing to knock the grass down, which the elk prefer.
The Cattle property is comprised of 600 acres in the “flats” of Gray’s Lake Valley, and another 400 acres up on the “burg”. It is on the south side of the valley, and is arguably some of the richest cattle grazing land in the whole valley.

How to Get There

Two routes to take from Salt Lake City to the ranch: via Logan and Preston, or via McCammon Idaho. The McCammon route is slightly longer, but is easier if you are towing a large trailer. The Logan/Preston route is faster and more scenic, and we encourage you to take this route if not pulling a trailer.